Concert Events

Buttterfly Concert #1 - September, 2009
Buttterfly Concert #1 - September, 2009

Recipient Families and Organizations

Each concert is designated to aid a grass-roots nonprofit or a family facing transformative crisis or challenges


The family or organization is presented to The Butterfly Concert team by referral or recommendation from staff and community members.  Recipient organizations and families are chosen based on severity of need and access to immediate resources.  In the case of organizations, decisions are also based on factors including status of organizational infrastructure (501 c3 status applied for or achieved, active board of directors, operating budget), demonstrated plan for application of resources and readiness to colloborate with partnering sponsors.


Many lives have been impacted, and each concert event galvanizes a community around the issues being faced by the organizations or families. Recipients organizations and families receive:


1) Direct donations by concert attendees, business and corporate sponsors.

2) In-kind services (health services, personal grooming by local salons and barbershops

3) Certificates and coupons for goods and services from local businesses.

4) Monetary gift donation from The Zenzalai Group.


Mentoring and Job Training

Each concert event provides a vehicle for mentoring and job training to college students majoring in music, music industry and music business.  They are supervised in all aspects of concert and event production, stage management, technical stage production and sound reinforcement.


Students are paid a stipend for their service and given community service equivalent hours credit at their respective universities.




Each concert event galvanizes a community of individuals, local businesses, corporations and organizations around the issue at the core needs of the recipient family or organization.  Our fundraising specialist, Susan Deitz, of Spotlight Benefit Auctions, then creates a package comprising raffle items, special appeals, and a host of tools to maximize monies to award to the recipients at the end of the events.



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